If You’ve Bumped Your Head, Read This

With an increase in awareness, diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries is on the rise. While only a qualified doctor or neurosurgeon in Malibu can make a diagnosis, these injuries can cause significant health problems or even death. As such, no one should ignore the signs of a potential traumatic brain injury. Please note the symptoms of a head injury might appear immediately or delay for up to weeks.

Doctors separate brain injuries into three categories:  minor, moderate, and severe. The categories describe the injury’s effect on brain functionality, not on the seriousness of the injury. Even a minor traumatic brain injury can be serious, so you should seek medical attention for any bump or blow to the head immediately.

Mild Adult Brain Injury Symptoms

 A brain injury can occur with even a seemingly small blow to the head. Mild brain injuries have fewer effects on the brain than more serious injuries, but they may still require immediate medical attention. Physically, those that suffer one of these injuries might lose consciousness for a while. If they don’t lose consciousness, people with a mild brain injury might seem dazed and confused. They could also have a headache or nausea which might cause vomiting. Patients with mild brain injuries also demonstrate some sensory symptoms. Depression, mood swings, and sensory overload all might occur after a mild adult brain injury.

Moderate or Severe Adult Brain Injury Symptoms

 For a full evaluation of whether an adult has suffered a moderate to severe brain injury, it is important to speak with a doctor or neurosurgeon in Malibu. Generally, though, those who suffer from these sorts of injuries demonstrate the same symptoms as those with mild brain injuries plus some additional ones.

Most significantly, these individuals may suffer from prolonged loss of concentration, seizures, and weakness in arms and hands. In more extreme cases, the person might notice clear liquid coming from the ears, dilated pupils, and inability to stand. A victim of this type of injury might also suffer back or neck pain. By consulting with a spine surgeon in Malibu, patients can better understand if their head injury also caused damage to the spinal column.

Brain Injuries in Children

 Traumatic brain injuries can be particularly difficult to diagnose in children who tend to routinely fall and bump their heads. Nonetheless, parents should watch for certain symptoms that their children have suffered a brain injury. Excessive crying, refusal to eat, and significant changes in sleep patterns could indicate damage to the brain. Similarly, children who lose interest in toys, seem depressed, or are irritable could be showing the signs of a brain injury. Parents who notice these signs should contact a pediatrician or neurosurgeon in Malibu as soon as possible. Remember, though, it might take a significant time for symptoms to appear. As such, be sure to watch your child for signs of brain injury even weeks after the impact.

Traumatic brain injuries can be serious, with health effects ranging from a mild headache to death. If you notice the symptoms of this type of injury, seek medical attention immediately.