Various Questions and Their Answers Related to Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea is one of the most popular herbal teas available online, which is useful for treating a number of diseases including cancer. Following are few frequently asked questions and their answers.

  1. How can essiac be useful to me?

The primary action of Esssiac tea is to remove heavy metals from the body. It is used for detoxifying our body, restoring our energy levels and rebuilding our immune system. When the immune system improves, it can get rid of several ailments.

2.  Can Essiac cure cancer and other diseases?

Since Essiac is not an FDA approved drug, legally it cannot be claimed that it is meant for curing Cancer or any other disease. However, majority of Essiac consumers find overall improvement from their various sicknesses, get increased energy and obtain stronger immune system. By taking Essiac tea, you will get strength to fight against various diseases or illnesses.

3.  Can a cancer patient take it along with radiation and chemotherapy?

Yes, surely you can take and as a matter of fact it will further complement in their treatment against cancer. Chemotherapy destroys cancer as well as healthy cells. Besides that, it can also destroy many other chemicals and compounds from our body. Therefore, patients who are undergoing any cancer therapy should take this tea to accelerate their treatment.

4.  Can this tea be taken with any other traditional or alternative medicine?

Yes, definitely this herbal tea can further complement in your treatment and produce many positive results. However, if you are concerned, you may take advice from your practitioner.

5.  How soon can I notice the effect of Essiac tea?

The reaction of this herbal tea varies from person to person. Some people may experience the benefits very quickly on the other hand few people may take more time to get positive results.

6.  Can essiac tea harm me if I take it in spite of being a healthy person?

No, it will not do any harm to your body. On the contrary, it will also keep you protected from many diseases. If your immune system is very poor then by taking higher dosage of essiac tea can help you to cure. However, pregnant women must avoid taking this drug.

7.  What are the basic reasons of using this tea?

People generally take this herbal tea for treating cancerous tumor, leukemia, high blood pressure, chronic pain, diabetes, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue and pain, hepatitis C etc. If you want to know about the source where to buy Essiac tea then you can search on the internet, where you will also find the list of reasons why this tea is recommended.

8.  Are there any side effects?

There can be loose stools and nausea. However, it is a sign of detoxification. This side effect becomes predominant if you take aggressive amount of dosage. If these symptoms are bothering you then the best thing would be to reduce the dosage. Benefits of this tea are more than the side effects, which are mild.