Using the Best Shampoo for Marijuana Drug Tests

Marijuana users think of this substance as a medicine, not a narcotic. However, this opinion is not generally accepted, especially in a legal area. This plant is still taboo, so drug tests check the presence and the amount of marijuana in the organism.

In practice, the hair drug test is not used often. People who enjoy marijuana invented many methods to provide a clean hair sample and a negative test result. Some were busted; some are still successfully in use. They usually suggest the use of detox shampoos and purifiers; whose goal is to ‘destroy’ marijuana traces in hair follicles. Explanations for some of these methods are on this source.

Hair Sample

Hair as a biological sample allows testing on illicit substances for a more extended period than blood, saliva, or urine sample. Many factors affect the concentration of drugs in the follicle: the color of the hair or the content of melanin (black, thick strands bind more metabolites than light hair), the type of opiates, the way of consumption, the frequency, whether you dye or bleach your hair, and so on.

Due to the influence of all these factors, it is not possible to determine the amount of opiates taken. A hair drug test can only show whether the respondent was using illicit substances or not. Some more specific analyses can even detect the period when the drug is used, but only in the previous three months (if the hair has the appropriate length).

How to Provide Hair Sample

Whether a hair sample is sent to laboratories (with special kits) or collectors will take some, there are specific standards that everyone should respect. The first concerns the length of the sample – the optimal length of the hair must be about 1.5 inches.

It is best to take strands from the head. If the hair is short, any other body hair will do, if it has a prescribed length. The longer hair sample is the more extended time frame for the examination of marijuana presence will be.

If you want to know how marijuana metabolites get into the hair and scalp, visit the following page:

For the sample to be accepted, it should have several hundred hairs. Of course, you won’t count them one by one; but the hair strand should be about 0.5 inches thick. Cut the sample close to the scalp (if you only provide the hair ends, the test result will not be valid).

Collectors will cut off the hair strand from the back part of your head. Then the sample goes to specially marked envelopes that are processed to laboratory analyses. Hair analysis results are finished very quickly; sometimes overnight, but mostly in two or three days.

Detox Your Hair before Sampling

Both heavy and recreational users are equally scared of a hair drug test. However, light users are in a slightly better position. If, for example, they smoked marijuana a month ago, then again, a week ago, there may not be enough other toxins in their hair to show a positive result.

If you are an occasional user, check yourself before you start to panic. In stores and pharmacies find cheap and simple home drug tests that will show you whether you have any reason to worry or not. If the test is positive, then you should start with a hair detox.

If you are a light user, a few days of abstinence can help. You can be clean using nothing prior examination. Just in case, test yourself at home several times before going to the lab. The scalp massage can help – it opens follicles and improves the blood flow to fasten elimination of toxins.

Detox Shampoos

Hair detox shampoos cost up to several hundred dollars (detox kits). Think how much you are willing to pay to provide a clean hair sample. The most expensive product doesn’t always have to be the right solution, but they work on both hair cuticle and follicle.

According to, it takes a dozen washings to remove toxins from the scalp. Some detox shampoos will only mask the metabolites of marijuana. Use them when you don’t have too much time before testing. Their effects last up to 8 hours.

The best results for eliminating marijuana traces from hair will be obtained by being persistent and combining several products. Another advice is to avoid dying and bleaching until you finish the testing. These treatments can nullify the effect of detox shampoos and purifiers.

Hair sample analysis is reliable method and may indicate the frequency of using any sort of drug. Even people who occasionally smoke marijuana are afraid of the result of a substance abuseanalysis. Therefore, as long as this substance is not entirely accepted for medical and recreational purposes, marijuana users will have to come up with new ways to fool thedrug test.