Understanding Breastfeeding Lactation up Close

The beginning of a relationship between mom and baby starts even before birth. Right since the time you conceive a child, you will have formed a bond that is truly and uniquely yours. That is why maternal stuff is way different than everything else you might expect to see in the world. Maternity comes with motherhood, responsibility, ownership and also provision of needs for a baby. This obviously includes fulfilment of nutritional needs for the baby as well. This is where lactation and breastfeeding comes into play. As a baby, dependence on mommy dearest is at its peak. Some moms might shy away from breastfeeding but then, unless you understand the true advantages of breastfeeding lactation, you should never actually call quits.

Then again, there are some moms who have already decided to just feed the baby for five or six months at the most and then switch to good old formula. Are you one of them? Reading this? Read more. The main reason why some moms cannot continue feeding the baby for long is due to lack of proper support. This is where the right support from best lactation consultants in Mumbai comes into play.

Some moms assume that once the baby starts thriving on solid food, there is not much need for natural milk at all. This is a myth that paediatricians suggest that you bust early on. In fact, cow milk is not suggested until the baby is at least a year old. Moreover, the physical woes of breastfeeding too end with the passage of about three months. Get in touch with a lactation expert to understand how to handle existing problems if any. To know that breastfeeding is easy will actually motivate you further. Stop believing in all the baseless stuff you hear. There will hardly be any issues once you clear the initial hurdle of the process.

Breastfeeding as   a process is shrouded in a number of misconceptions. This is because there has to arrive the time when the baby is actually ready to absorb milk from the cow. The GI system of a one-year-old baby is ready to handle cow’s milk only after this age. In addition, you must remember that, just giving formula will not sustain the right growth process of the baby. You will have to match the nutritional level of mother’s milk. This is actually tougher than you might think after reading this.

The best fact that is perhaps most least known about breast milk is that  it changes or morphs its composition to suit the nutritional needs of the baby/ the milk that comes out for babies who are premature and the milk that comes out for a year old kid will be different. There are certain antibodies that are produced at different stages in the milk.

By now, you must have realized that weaning the child depends on how you want to do it and for how long. Therefore, it is one decision you have to take on your own. On an interesting note, you might meet people who have always had advice about breastfeeding yet they seem to know nothing about it in reality.

Make sure your source of information is stable and certified. If in doubt, hiring a professional is the best way forward. Instead of depending just on formula, your baby has to get the immunological stuff that mom’s milk exclusively ensures. Even in terms of medical advantages, breast milk comes with a lot of plus points. You will have to know that nursing is a challenge but it is not a big deal. Go ahead and take this wonderful decision to experience how unique the experience of motherhood is!