Things You Must Consider When Doing Jewellery Shopping This Diwali 2018

Diwali is the most popular and biggest festivals celebrated in India. This is a festival of lights that is celebrated by worshipping the goddess Lakshmi. She is the goddess of prosperity. As a ritual and for investment purpose, most of the people wait for this auspicious time to invest in gold and silver. This investment is done in the form of jewellery, gifts, biscuits, coins etc.

Why Gold is must seek jewellery piece on Dhanteras?

Gold is majorly considered as the ideal choice for buying during this festival. The grand celebrations witness a broad range of an extravagant and elaborate purchases made. People are fond of investing in silver utensils, gold and silver coins, silver idols etc. as a means to show their hope for a wealthy future.

Important things to note when buying a gold jewellery

Gold rates

Gold price differs from one city to another in India. The reason for it being the transportation cost, procurement cost and other factors that depend on the place where you are going to purchase the gold. It is advised to check the indexes to ensure that you are not being charged at an enormously highly-inflated rate.

Hallmark purity

Always make sure that gold jewellery that you buy during Dhanteras shopping is hallmarked. It is a clear indication of composition and purity of the jewel. In addition to this, each piece of gold jewelry possesses a UIN or Unique Identification Number that is imprinted on it to specify the maker of the piece.

Making charges

This charge implies the labor cost linked in manufacture of the jewel. It varies as per detail, craftsmanship, and finish. You can negotiate on this aspect in most of the jewellery stores. Handcrafted jewellery charges more as compared to machine-made, and mass-produced jewellery pieces.


Watch out for special enticing Diwali online shopping offers, free gifts and special discounts that small and big jewelry brands bring to captivate people to buy from them. Many people wait for this special time to invest their money on valuable jewellery. Carry out your research and choose a brand to get the best price for money.

Jewellery Stores

Diwali shopping from big and branded stores give you protection against buying impure jewellery. Only consider a small store for the purchase if you are very sure of its credibility, and trustworthiness.

Ways to purchase Gold

Gold is a very essential part of any investment portfolio as it reduces an investor from the risk of market fluctuations.

Physical Gold

If you are thinking of buying gold, then you can purchase it via the below trusted sources

  • Jewelers
  • Banks
  • Monthly investment schemes managed by jewelers
  • Gold ETFs
  • E-gold
  • Gold funds
  • Equity based gold funds
  • Gold futures


Investment in gold is one of the most important activities that people indulge during Diwali festival. Due to great auspicious significance, people flock to these stores to buy shiny alluring gold items. Above tips would definitely help in making the best investment out of your hard-earned money.