Surprising Health Benefits of Sweets

Did you know sweets can offer health benefits if consumed in moderation? If you’re wondering if a sweets gift box is right for you, consider the following reasons to start chowing down on some awesome hand-selected confectionaries.

Preventive Health

Dark chocolate is a surprisingly potent health booster. Dark chocolate consumption has been shown to reduce the risks of a stroke, lower blood pressure, and aid cardiovascular health. Additionally, chocolate has been shown to be as effective as the drug codeine when suppressing a cough. So not only can dark chocolate help you ward off disease, it can also make recovery a little sweeter.

Mental Balance

Have you ever heard that eating sweets can make you happier? Consuming chocolate releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for smooth muscle contraction, nerve cell communication, and is thought to play a vital role in mental happiness. In addition to serotonin, eating chocolate can also trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s so-called natural pain killer that produces feelings of pleasure. In other words, your sweets gift box may help protect you from heart disease and heartache.

Stress Relief

If you’re not chocolate’s biggest fan, there’s good news. Other forms of sweets are also thought to improve mental functioning and decrease anxiety. Both chewing gum and peppermint have been demonstrated to improve mood and increase alertness by stimulating blood flow in the brain.  That means you’re not just getting awesome tastes in your sweet gift box delivery – you’re getting productivity boosters.

Decision Making

In addition to lowering cortisol levels, the stress hormone, the monotonous action of chewing may lead to better decision making. Scientists believe that the combination of increased serotonin and repetitive chewing stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for attention and self-control. Numerous studies have observed a temporary performance boost in memory and information processing after chewing gum, leading many schools to offer their students gum-chewing amnesty during important tests.

Complexion Care

Chocolate may help improve the texture of your skin due to its unique flavonoids. Flavonoids are a type of antioxidant noted for their ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well as boosting glucose metabolism and maintaining blood vessel health. Chocolate isn’t the only sweet treat that scientists believe can aid your skin, either. Spearmint, a common complement for chocolate, may also help maintain hormone balance and ward off acne for young women.  Who knew those hotel-pillow dwelling sweets could offer so many health benefits?

As you can see, happiness and health can both arrive at your front door in a sweets gift box. So take a bite and share a little goodness with your family – or don’t, no one will tell – and make life a little sweeter, one month at a time.