Few Signs That You Can Notice for Marijuana Addiction

Your journey to recovery from your addiction starts by recognizing that you really have problem with alcohol or drugs. It is sometimes very difficult to be more objective when you try to assess your own drug abuse or for someone whom you love. In order to know whether you are really addicted or in primary stage of drug abuse, it is important for you to understand about various signs of addiction which are associated with any specific drugs.

Here we are listing out few signs for marijuana abuse. In case, you are able to recognize any of these signs either in you or with some of your near ones, who may be having marijuana addiction.

  1. Tolerance and withdrawal of Marijuana

Regular marijuana use can lead to develop tolerance for it. Therefore, you will need much more drugs to reach the same level of high feeling which is an indication that you are developing tolerance. When you start experiencing tolerance or withdrawal symptoms you are addicted to marijuana.

  1. Taking more marijuana than needed

You may feel that you need to take few more hits and end up smoking full joint by night. In case, this is regularly happening then it is a positive sign of addiction.

  1. Difficult to cut down marijuana use

Perhaps you want to stop using drugs but you may find it difficult to stop. If you are unable to stop taking drugs, it means you need help to come out clean.

  1. Lots of your time spent only to get high

In case, most of your time is spent either to get necessary kick, or wait or looking for little marijuana then it is a very serious alert.

  1. Reduced activities

If all your normal schedule is disturbed and you want to get a high, in that case too you are probably addicted to marijuana.

  1. Despite problems you continue to get high

In case, you are warned for your conduct at work due to your addiction but you still continue smoking marijuana before going to work then it is an addiction sign.

  1. Using marijuana as route for escaping from problems

In case, you feel that the only way to handle bad grades or problems at work as well as relationship issues is by getting high, then it is likely that you are addicted to marijuana.

  1. To enjoy or relax depends on marijuana

If you need marijuana to feel comfortable and creative then too you are probably addicted to marijuana.

  1. Choosing relationships and other activities based on getting a chance to get high

In case, you try to decide your events to attend or with whom you hang out depends on whether you can get a chance to use marijuana for getting high, then too you are perhaps addicted to marijuana.

  1. Difficult to attend any of your daily tasks

If you have any important tasks in your daily life but now consistently failing to do them as your mind is occupied on getting high, then either you are not motivated enough or it may also mean that you have probably developed psychological addiction to drug.