Reviews on the Top 3 Spin Bikes for Your Home Gym

Spinning bike, also known as indoor cycling bike, is a heavy cycling machine for you to exercise your feet as if you are cycling a real bicycle outside. There are hundreds of models of spinning bikes in the market and it can be difficult to decide which one is suitable for you. If you are looking for a high quality bike to include in your home gym, you can take a look at some spinning bikes below.

Keiser M3 Plus

Keser M3 Plus is a powerful indoor cycling bike created with magnetic resistance technology. It offers 24 levels of magnetic resistance which makes it ideal for exercising the thigh muscles. The resistance effect is produced by the magnets located across one another on the flywheel. The system of the indoor cycling machine is designed in a way that its parts will not come into contact to prevent wear and tear.

Because it doesn’t easily get worn out, you don’t have to spend money on buying parts for maintaining it like most of the other bikes in the market that use traditional resistance system. If you are trying to tone down your fat thigh, you should choose Keiser M3 Plus. The bike has a minimalist design but it is quite well built. You can use the bike to carry out a quiet workout because it is equipped with anti-slip drive belt that work silently. Keiser M3 Plus has a lightweight flywheel but that does not affects its performance.

Keiser M3 Plus does not have any touching part so it is able to resistant against wear and tear. It features adjustable pedals and seat that can be adjusted in four ways. The handlebar can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. It features a backlit digital display that shows information such as RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), the rate of the user heart beat, amount of power consumption (watts), how much time you have been pedaling, gear you choose and odomoter. Keiser M3 Plus offers up to 3 years of warranty coverage on its parts.

Sole Fitness Sb700

Sole Fitness Sb700 is a solid yet lightweight indoor cycling bike equipped with a 48 lbs flywheel that is covered with a layer of chrome plating. The spinning bike can give you a feeling as you are cycling a real bike in the outdoor. The Kevlar braking design ensures that the spinning bike functions quietly and smoothly while you workout on it. and it utilizes the V-block friction locking system.

The seat is made with a type of special foam that offers a high level of resilience and it is protected with a durable vinyl covering. The seat is very comfortable and can enable you to continue in your workout for long hours without feeling any aches in the buttock. The handlebars can be adjusted up and down as well as in fore and aft positions. The pedals consists of foot straps that lock your toes in comfortably as you cycle it. The resistance gear can be controlled by turning the tension control knob on the handlebar.

The wireless LCD console features a calories calculator that show you how much calories you have burned as you continue cycling it. The 3’’ X 4’’ Backlit LCD panel also shows your cycling distance, cycling speed and pedaling time. The integrated heart rate calculator is polar compatible. The gear resistance and odometer are also shown in the backlit LCD computer. The bike is quite heavy and weight around 140 pounds so you are going to exercise a bit when assembling it. To assemble the bike, you just need to tighten the bolts with the use of a stabilizer bar.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is a lightweight and compact indoor cycling bike equipped with a 40 pound flywheel. The heavy flywheel makes it possible for you to achieve a smooth pedaling performance. It comes with a pair of handlebars protected with thick padding so that you can firmly grip it during exercising. The pedals features toe clips to secure your toes as well as foot straps to secure your feet in place during cycling. The pedal is clipless but it is up to you to attach your own pedal onto the bike.

The saddle is comfortable but you can add other covering like a gel cover to make it more comfortable. You can adjust the saddle seat in up and down positions. It is suitable for people with a height of in between 5 – 6 feet. The spinning bike is equipped with a durable crank that can work efficiently even after you have cycled thousands of miles. Its dimension 20×46.5×48.5 inches allows you to conveniently store it.

The bike is design in a way that prevent your vital parts of your body like the hips and knees from feeling tired during exercising. Working out on the Sunny Health Fitness Pro bike can result in lesser impact on your joints and tendons. Sunny Health Fitness Pro works quietly without making much noises even after many years of using it.

Sunny Health Fitness Pro is covered with a steel frame and weight about 97.2 pounds. It is a sturdy cycling machine that can accommodate a user that weigh up to 275 lbs. The package comes with all the tools you need for the assembly of the bike including bike frame, seat, support brace and etc. There is a manual with complete instruction on how to assemble the bike. The bike can be easily assembled in as little as 10-30 minutes.