Remove Cockroaches from Your Household by Using Boric Acid

Cockroaches can be a big nuisance and it breeds in thousands in very short period. They can survive in any environment and can infect your fruits, foods and even your utensils. They normally appear during night. Also, they can hide almost anywhere and in day time they are hardly visible. Whenever, you get up during night switch on the light in bathroom or kitchen you will find an army of cockroaches in the area.

So, what can you do?

Some people may suggest you to buy insecticides or certain chemicals, which can be poisonous and can be unsafe for your children or pets too. You cannot waste your time killing them individually, which is almost impossible. If you spray any chemicals then the female pest can trigger of production of eggs. The young one that is produced is totally immune to those chemicals. Some people try to use bait, but these cockroaches are not so social that they will eat it together. Also, it has been reported that cockroaches are these days do not eat baits.

So, we find that baits do not work with them. Pesticide works temporarily and soon they become immune to it then what is the alternate left? Finally, it has been established that boric acid can be effective in killing these cockroaches. Boric acid can be easily made from borax.

So, the approach is, clean your house properly to get rid of the cockroaches as much as possible. There should be no leftover food materials present in the kitchen or in any other place. Cockroaches cannot live without water for a long time and hence there should not be any trace of water anywhere. Make sure that your taps are tightly closed. Then use boric acid powder in all the places.

How to use boric acid?

You must know where to buy boric acid and get them in sufficient quantity. It is very easy to use however many inexperienced people may use it in a wrong manner. It will not serve any purpose, if you lay it in thick piles. Cockroaches will just avoid it and move away.

You must lay them in light layer, which is barely visible. Wear gloves while handling boric powder. Take a bit of boric powder and make fine layer of it where cockroaches are predominantly found to be gathering.

When cockroaches walk over the thin layer of boric acid that you have created, the positive charge of the acid will attract the cockroach and it will get stuck to its body. It will die its natural death after some time. Within few days you will find heaps of dead cockroaches gathered all around your kitchen and bathroom area.

You must remove them first then vacuum clean the area. After that you must wipe the area thoroughly, so that it is perfectly clean. Your bathroom and kitchen will be free from cockroaches for few days. Repeat this every Sunday to make your house free from cockroaches.