Reasons You Might Need an Orthopedic Surgeon

When you think of surgery, you might automatically think of heart surgery or some outpatient procedure. People do not often think of the parts of their bodies that hold everything upright and together until those parts get injured. When you suffer such an injury, you might need to talk to a doctor. Hartford orthopedic surgeons operate on various parts of the musculoskeletal system, including the spine, knee or shoulder (most common in sports injuries) and extremities such as hands, feet or ankles.

Spinal Injuries

The spine serves multiple purposes. It helps with balance and movement. It absorbs a lot of shock that the body receives. It protects the spinal cord, the information superhighway of the body. Injuries to the spine are generally painful and can disable many of these vital functions. If, for example, you are having pain when you sneeze or cough, or if the pain travels down your leg, you might be suffering from a spinal injury and need to research Hartford orthopedic specialists. Nerve damage on your spine could be the root cause. Make sure you tell your doctor how long you have had the pain and any activities that seem to make it worse, as this can help with proper diagnosis.

Sports Injuries

Your knees and shoulders work hard when you play sports. Sports injuries can range from sprains to tears to broken bones. You can easily injure your knee just by landing the wrong way or through repetitive motion and use. A knee injury is usually pretty clear. There will be a lot of pain, and depending on the severity, you might not even be able to put pressure on it to walk. You can tear your rotator cuff in your shoulder simply by using the same arm motions (like the motions a pitcher uses in baseball) over and over. While the best route is prevention of the injury in the first place, Hartford orthopedic surgeons can be there for you when your glory on the field results in pain and suffering.

Extremity Injuries

Hands and feet serve the body in so many ways, and it is especially frustrating when an extremity gets injured. You might develop tendonitis, which is inflammation caused by a tear of the tendon, or arthritis, which is inflammation of the joints. You may suffer fractures that need to be set so that they can heal or tear your Achilles tendon. Often a serious injury in the hand or foot will affect the limbs that attach them to the body. You may notice a sharp pain traveling up your leg when you put weight on your foot, or there may be a nagging pain traveling up your arm. As with other injuries, consistent pain is a sign that you probably need to see a specialist.

Ease Your Suffering

Talk to your doctor if you notice any pain, particularly pain that stubbornly refuses to go away. Your physician might be able to recommend a number of qualified Hartford orthopedic surgeons who can help you start your journey to recovery and wholeness.