Pre Treatment Measures to be taken before Any CoolSculpting Procedures










A common problem that most of us face as we grow old is stubborn fat that refuses to goo no matter how much we exercise or diet. Thanks to medical advancement you can lose that stubborn fat through a procedure known as CoolSculpting.

Freezing the Fat Cells

Sounds interesting? Yes, this is what CoolSculpting does. This technology uses a controlled cooling method that effectively freezes the fat cells and kills them. Gradually your body works at processing the fat and eliminating the dead cells.

This is a good alternative for those who hate surgeries. CoolSculpting can be used on abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, upper arms and on double chins. If you are looking for more information on CoolSculpting, you can visit

You first need to fix an appointment with a licensed cosmetic clinic. The reason why emphasis is given on licensed professionals is because they are trained in CoolSculpting procedure and you can be assured that you are in good hands. These professionals will then discuss how the procedure will help you and how you need to be prepared for it.

Eligibility for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is not for everyone. Your doctor will take into consideration your health and medical history before they recommend CoolSculpting for you. Fats can be either subcutaneous or visceral. CoolSculpting is recommended for people having subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is difficult to treat and the only way to deal with this is through the right diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting can be done by both men and women. Professionals will look at your fitness and diet goals and work accordingly to get your body in the desired shape. Ensure that you do your research about the clinic you wish to undergo CoolSculpting.

Some essential factors to look out for include:

  • Is the clinic certified in the CoolSculpting website?
  • Are the doctors and professionals qualified and experienced for CoolSculpting?
  • What are the types of applicators they use?
  • What is the cost for different CoolSculpting procedures?
  • Enquire about the treatment rooms they have
  • Check for reviews and ratings shared by other customers

Pre-treatment measures to be taken

There are certain measures that you need to take before CoolSculpting procedures. These measures are:

  • Work your way to shed off those extra pounds
  • Stop taking any weight loss medications or supplements
  • Take good care of your skin and avoid getting hurt
  • Avoid tanning your skin
  • Make certain lifestyle changes with the right diet and exercise
  • Eat a light meal before your treatment
  • Carry along a book or device to keep yourself entertained throughout the procedure

Ensure that you wear loose fitted clothes. Carry an extra set with you since the gel used on your skin can get messy. Try documenting your experience so that you can follow your journey with before and after pictures. You can also share your experiences with other people who are looking at eliminating those stubborn fats.


You cannot expect CoolSculpting to work miracles on your body. You too need to contribute post treatment by exercising and following a strict diet plan.