Know the Advantages of Paper Bags Over Plastic Bags

Plastic bags and paper bags are used widely by every person in the globally since decades. Both are quite beneficial for carrying things. However, these days people prefer to use plastic bags for its varied benefits.

The benefits are as follows –

  • Versatility of using the bag has made it greatly popular. You can even carry liquid item which can’t be taken in paper bags. After carrying things home, you can use the bags for storage purposes.
  • Bags made of plastic can carry large things without any issues of breaking or tearing down.
  • It is the best cheap material to carry recently bought products as carry bags made of other materials cost more.
  • It can be easily and cheaply customized with company’s logo or your shop address to promote your business.

However, using cheap rate plastic bags which isn’t biodegradable isn’t a wise idea. As it spoils the environment as well as contribute greatly to global warming. Littering of plastic bags garbage everywhere plays a great role in land pollution. While the plastic bags are decomposed in recycling factories toxins are released in atmosphere resulting in air pollution.

When the plastic bags are dumped in oceans and rivers they become the cause of disturbing the marine ecosystem by killing millions of aquatic lives finally causing water pollution. Many recycling company owners shy away from recycling plastic bags as they clog the machines.

While using paper bags you don’t have to worry about causing ecosystem issues as paper bags are far more ecofriendly compared to plastic bags.

Stating how eco friendly is paper bags compare to plastic bags:

  • It is recyclable. Recomposing services don’t have to spend large amount of capital to recycle paper bags garbage.
  • Once thrown in garbage the bags can be easily recycled. No harmful toxins are let out that spoil the atmosphere while its recycling takes place in factories.
  • Paper bags litter easily and get decomposed. They don’t cause a hindrance for land usage or spoil marine life.
  • Most of the shopping paper bags are made of recycled paper, thus they are quite cost effective. Traders, shopkeepers and manufacturers can easily print their brand or shop logo in a cost effective way.
  • Paper bags are stylish, hence in numerous popular shops colorful paper bags printed with the mall logo is given to the customers. Moreover, customers are ready to pay extra money for bags to carry the newly bought things.
  • Most of the paper bags are made of non-chemical used recycled papers, thus there is no wastage. You can go on recycling the bags after using them till they get torn.

In many countries, citizens are made aware of how plastic bags are harmful to nature while paper bag is eco friendly and best to utilize. You can even have paper custom bags from the established makers of paper bags. To know more about the appropriate ways to get the paper bags browse through the websites of manufacturers of paper bags.