Insights On How To Build Better Lats With Tension

In the bodybuilding and athletes world, lats is a short form for the lattisimiDorsi muscles. The terminology is not new to them as they will commonly refer to it as they do or plan for the workouts. These are the muscles found in the body and runs across. Their main purpose adduction and extensions of the body. According to experts from, taking their enhancement steroids, workouts and the diet is all one needs to build better lats in a nutshell. However, the tension workouts play a great role in building better lats as this publication will highlight.

What is tension training

Most seasoned bodybuilders must have come across time under tension (TUT) workouts which help the body to build strength. This greatlyfocuses on the time one puts them on strain during the workouts. Therefore, the lifters tend to use more time per set that during a normal training which does not involve this. So,below is the best way to incorporate tension training for better lats.

The use of drop sets

Tension training is not one of the easiest workouts. There is no point to keep struggling with sets that are equal from beginning to the end. What you need to do is to reduce the weight as you approach tofinish the sets. This switching should be fast to avoid putting anunnecessary break to the workouts rhythm. According to professional trainers, one must never strain too much as it causes more damage to the muscles.

Maintain form to the end

Tension training for lats will tend to bring fatigue very fast. Most trainers tend to lose focus on their form as the fatigue seems to overwhelm them. In this case, one should never compromise on breaking the reps as many people do. Staying focused and planning better is the only way to maintain the lats gain.

Give the body the break it deserves

When the TUT is prolonged in an unnecessary way, muscles tend to break with microtears. Therefore, they need time to recover and grow back to normal. This is better done with the use of enough rest. In fact, experts recommend a break from any kind of workouts.

Probably, you can put the lats under tension on alternating days or even a few days in a week. There is no harm in doing it 2-3 times in a week.

Lying cable pullover is the ultimate tension workout for lats

When it comes to this workouts, the main focus is to remain lying flat so that the focus is on the core. Therefore, trainers should not bend the spine when pulling the cable as near to the chest as possible. Taking enough time when pulling and returning the handles to the start is what causes tension to the lats.


With the above insights including an example of an effective workout for better lats, any trainer has a better start point. It is effective both for starters and experts alike. Be sure to follow them from now if you want the tension workouts to help you improve on your lats.