Highlights of CoolSculpting Process for More Defined Contours

After following a stringent diet plan and exercise routine, many people get discouraged as they don’t see the expected results. It is a fact that there is very little control on your body when it is time to determine where to store the lipids and when to lose fat. This makes the efforts taken to tone the body go waste.

CoolSculpting is a kind of technology designed to target the fat cells of a specific area without compromising the surrounding tissues. It is controlled cooling process that freezes fat cells that get eliminated naturally from the body. After eliminating the fat, remaining fat get adjusted along with the skin. This results in more defined contour and slimmer area. FDA has approved CoolSculpting for treating excess fat around thighs, love handles and abdomen.

Highlights of CoolSculpting process

It is non-invasive and quick

Gastric bypass surgery and liposuction need you to go under knife but CoolScultping is non-invasive. You can read book or take a nap or even work. These activities cannot be performed during other fat-removal processes. As it is non-invasive, there is no downtime for recovery. You can check in during lunch break and resume activities as soon as the treatment is completed. Time taken depends on the size and body part that needs treatment. Many processes last for some minutes, which can be done on busy schedules.

Safe & effective

FDA has CoolSculpting technology as there is no artificial substance or surgery involved. Two cooling panels hold small mass of skin. The patients feel intense cold and slight pressure in the start but it subsides quickly. At cool sculpting Vancouver clinic comfort and safety are regarded as top priorities. The nursing and medical staff is trained and professional.

Natural results are motivational to future behaviour

Fat freezing technology is not a substitute for healthy diet and regular exercise or a weight loss solution. Results are natural looking and gradual. You can expect fat reduction of maximum 20% with each session. Majority of them get motivated by just seeing their well-shaped body and start choosing healthy lifestyle habits. It is just like refusing to eat a whole ice-cream bowl after spending hours in gym. You enhance your ability to make health conscious decisions.

Confidence booster

As you get to wear those tight clothes lying in the wardrobe makes you feel confidence. You may have been buying large size clothes but now you moved to looking for mid-sized makes one feel good about their visible appearance. You start feeling happy, which reflects in the way you handle your personal and social life. You can show positive attitude much better at work.

Long lasing results

Regular workouts and diet plan reduce fat cells size but they remain in your body waiting for skipped work out or next ice cream bowl, so they can increase their size. On the other hand, with CoolSculpting, the frozen fat cells get discarded permanently from the body. After the treatment, if you gain some weight it will be evenly distributed in the body instead of troubled areas.