Is Employee Drug Testing At Workplace Vital?

Many aspects of society are damaged due to illegal drug use & abuse, especially at the workplace. Current employers screen applicants before a job is offered and even their existing employees get re-tested often or randomly, so as to sustain a drug free ambiance at the work place.

Urine drug test is the most common type used in employment but the other kinds use saliva, sweat, hair, and blood samples. Urine, saliva, and sweat test can be conducted onsite, whereas hair and blood are done at labs.

Few obvious advantages of drug free workplace

  • Employee is liable for safe working ambiance.
  • On-job accidents due to drug abuse need not be taken lightly and has to be discouraged.
  • Drug testing will enhance the life quality of employees as well as their families.
  • If employees are aware about drug testing at workplace then they will keep away from drugs or alcohol.
  • Drug free ambiance means employers work gets done properly and safely.

Is employee’s drug testing at workplace vital?

Promotes safety

Employee’s judgment can get impaired due to drug use, thus endangering their life along with others. In certain industries like construction working under drug or alcohol influence can injure others or cause fatality.

Improves performance

Employees under drug influence struggle to concentrate on their task. Their mind drifts towards other issues not related to their on-job projects.

Drug testing allows employee using drugs illegally to reach their full potential, thus enhancing overall company performance.

Enhances productivity

An addict employee can miss deadlines or less punctual or decrease attendance. All this can adversely affect productivity and harm profits. If production is not steady then maintaining profit consistency is hard.

(Important note – Drug abuse also leads to employee theft, which can drain more profits)

Better turnover rates

Applicant drug tests before job offer is a good way to recruit an employee that suits company goals and standards. The likelihood of terminating trained workers decreases. You can retain valuable employees, thus decreasing turnover rate.

Decrease in medical costs

It is reported that businesses lose approximately $140 billion in a year due to alcohol & drug use. Employment drug testing policy enables employers to control on-job accidents as well as drug related illnesses. Ultimately, the employer’s health insurance premium and treatment costs get reduced.

Helps community

Companies either small or big are committed to drug testing at workplace, actually help their community. Employing drug-free people means keeping drugs out of their premises and surrounding areas. It is great, particularly in zones where alcohol & drug use is out of control.

Employment drug & alcohol testing laws

Even if a company makes it mandatory to drug test their workforce there are times when they experience a couple of positive results. In case of known drug dependency, the employer gives the employee a chance to attain help.

An employer who is in favor of improving the employee’s habit can even offer the job to that employee, after rehabilitation. The chances of that employee grabbing these conditions are high. Thus the employee’s life and career is saved. Even the employer saves time, money, and trouble in training a newly hired worker.