What Is the Difference Between Sous Vide And Anova?

Sous Vide has gained a lot of popularity recently because of its gourmet style. It has been the sole secret of top chefs in the world. However, the cooking market has seen another trademark point, when sous vide hit the household market. Besides, it has become a huge success worldwide.

Cooking was commercialised specially by various events and cooking skill competitions. With new cooks and talents, bringing out exquisite dishes like pork steak, tender chicken breast has started garnering a lot of attention in the past few years. Thus, Sous Vide provides an awesome experience to any individual in an efficient and smart way.

If you are looking for a sous vide equipment which can be useful in the kitchen you can go ahead with immersion circulator. Therefore, here in this article you will get to know the difference between Anova vs Chefsteps: who wins?

Size and shape

When we talk about Joule Sous Vide, it is usually very small and sleek with 11 inches of length. In addition to that, it also weighs, 1.1 pounds which makes it the smallest tool of sous vide available in the market.

Whereas, the feature of an Anova is bulky in nature. It is 14.75 inch in height and weighs 2.5 pounds.


Sous Vide doesn’t display any light apart from the light flashing yellow, when the water is heating, green to get the required temperature and red in case of some technical errors.

Anova has a feature that displays current temperature, target of the temperature and also the amount of time needed for cooking. A little wheel on the device is attached to help you while setting a timer for temperature and help you cook without the help of any application.

How flexible is its use?

Sous Vide are barely of the size small enough to fit into any drawer which is half the size of other machines. On the other hand, Anova are comparatively of a larger size.

Sous Vide heating takes place in 1100 power watts which is generally superfast. At 1100 power watt of heating Anova still has a reasonable amount of heating unlike that of Sous Vide.

Sous Vide works on both Android and I-phone. It also connects with bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Anova has access to Wi-Fi connectivity which might enable you to cook from anywhere.

When it comes to Sous Vide, the temperature runs at 208 °F (98 °C) max. If you talk about Anova, it has the maximum temperature of 210 °F (99 °C).

Sous Vide has a capacity of 10 gallons. On the other hand, Anova has 8 gallons of water heating capacity. The minimum depth of water capacity in Anova is 1.5 inches. When it comes to minimum depth of immersion of Sous Vide, it is 2.5 inch.


Anova was built in stainless steel and black. Whereas, joule is designed in a sleek manner and are very small in size. The sleek design of the joule makes it more demanding and attractive in the market.