Designer Mangalsutras – A Trendy Touch to your Tradition Ones













For every married Hindu woman, mangalsutra is one of the most important part of their jewelry. Though it is just a simple chain with black and gold beads it is considered an essential possession because of the religious and cultural significance.

The word mangalsutra is being derived from the Sanskrit word which means an auspicious thread and signifies good luck and prosperity to the married couple. During the wedding rituals the husband ties a gold mangalsutra around the neck of his wife. It is believed to bring well bring to the family.

Tradition with a twist

Mangalsutra is an art of culture but not a cultural necessity and a lot of modern women brings a twist to it by flaunting them in a different style. They choose to make this auspicious necklace trendy and fit in their daily schedule of their work life and party life.

These days there are various designs of mangalsutra available in the market. You select from various gold mangalsutra designs which will go with your type of personality and dressing style. One of the main reasons why modern brides are opting for designer mangalsutras because these can be easily blended with any type of attire. Thus, working professionals owning a predominant western wardrobe can also follow traditions.

Let us check the designs which are widely available

Traditional designs round the wrist

You will notice a lot of Bollywood celebrities flaunting mangalsutras around the wrist. Since it is black in color it looks like a wrist band and can go with any designs. At the same time the concept of black and gold beads is kept intact and fit to be worn regularly. So, you can accessorize your neck like you want to be. Therefore, when you are planning to buy a daily wear gold mangalsutra you can keep this into mind.

Geometric additions

Geometric jewelries are always a rave in the fashion ramp walk and always with be. Therefore, you can customize it according to your designs. You can keep the geometric shapes in gold and chain it with black beads. Not only it is chic but also it is sleek and easy to wear every day. Woman gold mangalsutra can also be customized from the online gold stores. You just have to give your neck round and preferred designs and your mangalsutra is ready to be flaunted.

Stringed mangalsutra

Stringed mangalsutra looks just like pearl stringed necklace where the black beads are places as beads within the strings. Since stringed necklaces are in fashion you can wear it with both western and traditional wear. However, you need to adjust the height of the necklace from time to time to get the desired length.


Most of these designs retain the main elements of the necklace while changing the traditional look. As a result, a modern outlook is set which can be worn by younger and stylish brides. From the black and gold, you can also change the colors halfway around the necklace or keep it in the simple design of a chain.