What Complications you might come across During Pregnancy?

All pregnancy tests have been known to work by the detection of a specific hormone in the woman. This hormone would be mostly found in the blood or urine of the pregnant woman. This unique hormone has been known as hCG. It has also been known as the ‘pregnancy hormone.’ There have been two common kinds of tests for pregnancy namely, the blood test and the urine test. An over the counter test strip could help you perform the urine test at home. It could also be taken at the doctor’s clinic as well. However, the blood test could only be performed at a recognized clinic or lab.

What complications could occur during pregnancy?

Several things might cause severe or non-severe complication in pregnancy. Nonetheless, few have been relatively common as compared to others. The body of the potential mother has plenty to do in pregnancy. At times, the bodily changes that take place would cause discomfort or irritation. At several occasions, it might appear quite alarming. There would rarely be a need for alarm, but it has been made imperative that you should mention anything that has been considerably disturbing you or the maternity team. A majority of pregnancies have been deemed uncomplicated. With that being said, it would be helpful to understand about the alarming medical issues that would probably affect the expecting mother.

What complications require utmost medical attention?

Some of the complications that would require utmost medical care and attention have been inclusive of premature birth, miscarriage, lowering of amniotic fluid around the baby, ectopic pregnancy, gestational diabetes and a few more.

Several other complications such as constipation, anaemia, genital infections, Haemorrhoids, cramps, Hypertension, gum disease, Hypotension, Swelling in feet, ankles, fingers, vomiting and nausea, heartburn, urinary tract infections and Moodiness have also been some of the complications that should be thoroughly discussed with your doctor, especially when you have due appointment. The midwife or doctor would look out for these complications during your pregnancy. They would make use of physical examinations, ultrasounds and lab tests. You could also assist your caregiver by thoroughly attending all the prenatal appointments. You should also report about any disturbing symptom at the earliest.

Pregnancy happens to be the most memorable part in the life of a woman. So, first you should learn it properly that how to get pregnant, Therefore, it should be made free of unnecessary doubts and stress. It has been deemed imperative for pregnant woman to stay active and happy throughout her pregnancy for a healthy development of fetus.