Combination of Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction Proves to Be Dangerous for Health

To a lot of people, drug addiction is the end of life. They find gaining stability is beyond their control. The innate desire to feel under control or engage body in any comforting activity manifests mostly in the form of an eating disorder. In such case, drug addicts tend to eat unhealthy food in irregular patterns.

These disorders do not give any relief to patients from the problems, they are going through, but aggravate the feeling of powerlessness. Learning more about the risky combination of drug addiction and eating disorder help you save from the dangerous consequences associated with it.

Signs of eating disorder

As per the study it has been found that more than eleven billion people are suffering from eating disorders in the US. These disorders are classified into any of 3 categories like anorexia nervosa, binge eating and bulimia. This type of eating disorder is characterized through specific characteristics. Some of them have been described below as:

  • Starves oneself
  • Is 15% underweight
  • Has a strong connection between body weight, body shape and self-worth
  • Has a feeling of intense fear of becoming over-weight
  • Extremely self-conscious of body weight and shape. Go on frequent diets. Too much fasting or exercising
  • Feeling uncontrolled urge to eat food
  • Eating bulk quantities of food even after being full
  • A feeling of guilt, depressed or disgusted after a lot of eating
  • If your loved one is struggling with any such issues, then you need to seek assistance as soon as possible.

Consequences of eating disorders and drug addiction

People who are struggling with an eating disorder or a substance addiction seems to suffer from 2 or more mental problems. Eating disorder makes one’s body weak and less healthy. It is also susceptible to different types of diseases.

Drug consumption can exaggerate the eating disorder that makes users feel strong desires to involve in the damaging eating behavior. It is important to seek urgent assistance to address both of the issues, as it can exacerbate and result in a relapse.

How to find assistance for the combination of disorders?

Cumulative effect of both these disorders can cause serious harm to a person that can even result in death. For early recovery, one has to have determination and dedication in the efforts. It can basically be a real test of the inner resources of a patient. If you have any of your loved one struggling with both these disorders, then it is best to take appropriate measures for recovery.

Early admission in the rehab center is the way to get the best recovery from addiction. California is one of the popular places in the world where you would find world class rehab centers. Rehabs in California offer the specialized methods to treat individual according to the type and duration of addiction, medical health condition, etc.


Since usage of drugs and eating unhealthy food in specific way has life-threatening impact on a person, it is important to treat it as soon as possible. It is advised to seek immediate professional help to get appropriate treatment.