Casa Mila vs Casa Batllo – Which is Best?

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One of the most frequently asked questions on Gaudí Free Tour is: “Which is the best Gaudí house, Casa Batlló or Casa Milà?” The easiest answer that one can get is to visit both if you can. Each of these places is a masterpiece in itself. You can choose to get a tour that provides a combination of popular places of both the places. Learning about the pros and cons of these places would help you make an informed decision.

The architecture

Most of the people love the colorful and lavish front of Casa Batlló. It is mesmerizing and eye catching that makes it impossible to miss the house while strolling past. A curvy reptile roof and bone like balconies make this facade superior than La Pedrera. The fashion followed by Casa Batlló is not 100 percent Gaudí. Its architecture resembles the Art Nouveau fashion. In regards to the ingenuity, layout, significance, and new construction methods, La Pedrera is the best option to choose from.

Interior patio, Entrances, patios and courtyards at Casa Batlló and Casa Milà

Casa Batlló is comparatively cheaper than Casa Milà where you have to pay at the entrance. In both these houses, you will find the interior patio, the staircase, the attic, an individual apartment, and the roof terrace. Many people prefer the entrance to Casa Batlló better than that Casa Mila.

The entrance of Casa Milà’s begins at a contemporary ticket office where one can put all belongings via a security check. Once you enter the first patio, you can easily relax as it is circular as well as spacious. It caters to a large number of people.

Living quarters

Casa Batlló’s living quarters are not well furnished. You will not find a lot of rooms here such as kitchen, bathroom and servant’s quarters. So, it lacks the sense of an apartment living experience. Some people even prefer to compare the interiors of both places. The circular plaster ceilings, colourful stained glass windows, and sculpted wooden doors transports guests to a dreamland. The vast open family terrace view is not present in Casa Milà. Brilliant and subtle, Casa Milà however miss the instant first impression or the wow factor of Casa Batlló.

The attic

The ribbed and white plastered walls of the attic in Casa Batlló makes one feel impressive. The loft at Casa Milà’s has got ceilings and bare ribbed walls that are made from red brick. It creates a relaxed and warm atmosphere. It is a large space that is dotted with various small windows so that one doesn’t feel stuffy or boxed in. The excellent videos, models, furniture, charts, etc. gives a fantastic insight of the fabulous Gaudi’s work, that Casa Batlló lacks.

The roof terrace

Casa Batlló’s terrace does not look as promising as you may think of it from below. It houses several chimneys, the water storage room as well as the skylight. Ventilation towers, chimneys and stairwells are the three major elements that combine to form a highly wonderful space. The only not so good feature of the roof terrace of La Pedrera in comparison to Casa Batlló’s is that it gets closed during the rainy season.

So, do check the weather forecast before you leave Barcelona. If you are confused betweenCasa Batlló’s and Casa Milà’s, as to which one to choose, then visit Here you will get adequate information about the pros and cons of both the places to assist you make the right decision.


All these differences between Casa Batlló’s and Casa Milà’s will help you figure out the best building among them. This will help you make the best decision for your trip.