Care and Maintenance of Your Oticon Hearing Aid.

Digital hearing aids now set the modern inclination for the hearing impaired. Many brands strive and push harder to attain the best place in market, and this is done when they deliver the best. With over a hundred years of understanding and stirring knowledge in manufacturing hearing aids, Oticon hearing aid is one of the most reliable brands of a customer. They promise to bring your hearing aid experience to the 21st century. It is mainly by designing the hearing aids in such a way that consumers will be able to use them in combination with today’s electronic devices.

As an outlay, appropriateupkeep makes your money go a long way. According to specialists in the hearing health field, suitable attention is focused to the shell, the microphone, and the receiver. Understanding how to hoard, clean and overhaul your hearing aid will keep it functioning as it was meant to and may prevent the need for frequent repairs over time. Therefore, how do you take care of your hearing aid?

Controlling moisture

When dealing with humidity, the drying container of a hearing aid or a dry aid kit will assistin keeping moisture from the building up inside your hearing aids and will increase their lifespan. Failure of batteries is the most popular course of failures in hearing aid since they are always in use every day. Audiologists always recommend that you open the battery door to allow air to enter the hearing aid thus reducing the devastating effects of moisture. These may accumulate in your hearing aid due to oils on your skin dirt and grime that builds up around the edges of battery doors. Use the brush provided by your hearing aid specialist to clean around the edges of the battery doors as this may prolong the battery life. Proper battery care requires routine daily or weekly testing, as some batteries may only last a week or two.

Regular cleaning of the movable parts

The shell, the microphone, and the receiver are the main critical parts of a hearing aid. When it comes to the receiver, wax build up can be the primary causative of hearing aid failure. And thus daily cleaning with a brush could help prevent wax build up. The microphone is so essential and therefore never try poking the port. Clean it when it is downward facing using the brush you were given. Also, on the shell, the surface of the hearing aid should always be clean. Where the shell bends clean up the wax, behind the ear aids, we still have the debris from dirt or oil grooves which can make it not fitting or working correctly. A damp cloth or tissue should be carefully used to wipe the hearing aid down.


Today hearing aids are remarkably reliable, durable and robust. Purchasing the latest brands and modern hearing aids is a significant investment. Therefore, understanding how to take proper care, store, and clean your Oticon hearing aid will keep it functioning thus extending the life of the device as well as making your money go a long way.