How Can A Ductless Air Conditioning System Enhance your Indoor Air Quality?

So, summers are approaching and you definitely want to protect yourself from it and make comfortable environment in your home and office as well, right? What else can be the best choice than investing in a right air conditioning unit?

The best ductless system by Lloyd is specially designed to make your summers cooler and your winters warmer! While it is true that cooling and heating is definitely a priority, we should even be concerned about buying the ones that enhance the quality of air inside our space. That is the main reason why people today opt for ductless systems over other models. Before digging deep into how it can improve air quality, let us first know what actually a ductless system is!

Few basics on ductless systems you need to know

As the name suggests, a ductless system is a complete cooling system without duct network. Since it doesn’t release the air from ducts, the system air conditioners’ indoor air handles is directed fixed on wall of your space and can blow the air to your rooms directly. The ductless system makes use of much less power consuming method that is easy on electricity bills as well as maintenance bills.

What are the benefits of a ductless system?

Ductless systems greatly prolong durability of operating mechanics and offer fresh and clean air. Living in India, we actually fight the battle with hazards of air pollution. So, it is a necessity to have cooling system that offers us relief especially on health grounds.

Ductless system eliminates chance of leaking duct that may pollute air that is supplied indoors. The ductless systems are very less fussy and offer respiratory benefits especially to children that spend much more time in room having air-conditioned comfort.

Conventional cooling and heating systems having ducts pose many different health issues. Ductwork can cost you much more money to cool and heat the affected areas. Faulty ductwork can distribute the dust as well as other such biohazards in your home.

Ductless air conditioning systems prevents the polluted air from entering or spreading in your home. In fact, the filtration systems in the ductless units even clean air that circulates throughout the system. It ensures that you are breathing cleaner air at all times.

You can even further enhance your air quality indoors by controlling humidity in your home. While most of the people find 50% of humidity normal and comfortable, the outside humidity sometimes even climbs over 70% during summers. So, a ductless system handles it by making the air chill.

Cold air holds very less moisture as compared to warm air. So, water condenses on ductless AC’s coils and drips it outside through drainage pipe.

Ductless systems clean air better than the central air conditioners. Return as well as supply ducts may leak the air, or collect the dust, and lower system’s overall efficiency.

Your home must be the place where you need to feel healthy and happy. So, invest in a ductless system now and be ready to face the summers this year!