How to Buy the Right Cigar Online









If you’re shopping for cigars online, it’s probably because you’ve already become interested in cigars by purchasing from your local tobacconist. After dabbling in the hobby, you’ve decided to open the door to a whole new world of variety and section through online cigar shops. It can be exciting to try new cigars, but the sheer volume of choices can be daunting.

When you first begin shopping for cigars online, you realize that of the quality indicators upon which you relied when buying cigars in person don’t apply online. After all, in your local tobaccos shop you can see, touch, and smell the cigars. That’s not possible when buying online. However, there are a few things you can do to find the perfect smoke when purchasing from an online cigar shop. Read on to learn more.

Go with What You Know

First, if you’ve purchased a few cigars already, you will have a good idea of what the different styles, wrappers, and fillers have to offer. If you’ve developed a fondness for a particular wrapper or cigars from a particular country of origin, that will give you a great starting point when picking out cigars from an online vendor. Choose a few combinations that you’ve liked in the past, even if you’re not familiar with the manufacturer. Buying cigars online can involve some trial and error, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Trial by Brand

Fortunately, the consistency of products among major cigar manufacturers is pretty solid. If you bought a brand at your local shop and liked it, there’s a good chance that you can order that brand online and get the same quality of product, often for a lower price. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment within your preferred brand. Online shops offer a wide range of products. In fact, the average online store will feature far more selection than a local brick-and-mortar shop. Take advantage by branching out to other styles and wrappers within your preferred brand.

Read Reviews

Another great source of intelligence when purchasing cigars from an online shop is the body of reviews that are available. In general, cigars are reviewed thoroughly, and that means that you can search unfamiliar brands to get a better gauge on quality, flavor, and style. It can be even more helpful to read online reviews at the shop you’re considering. Those reviews will feature more fluff and will give you a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of a cigar as perceived by the average smoker.

Online cigar shops provide the quality cigars you love at a lower price point than many brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re new to buying cigars online, go with the wrappers and styles you know, buy offerings of the brands you prefer, and be sure to read reviews to select the right smoke for you.