Blue Dream Strain is A Treat and Popular as Best Seller in California

Blue Dream strain is listed under Sativa on majority of dispensary menus around California due to its energetic, potent head high. Digging deeper, you will come across the genetics of Blue Dream. They are associated with Super Silver Haze and Blueberry, so it is 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain. Using Blue Dream consumers experience powerful cerebral effect from Haze, a sativa strain and full body high from Blueberry, an Indica strain.

In 2015, Blue Dream was reported to be the best seller in Washington and Colorado. It is really a characteristic, which helps to promote the strain but there is more to its popularity than just branding. Unsurprisingly, for many years Blue Dream has been popular in California but some have stopped smoking it for different reasons

Blue Dream strain is a treat, when grown properly. The issue arises when it gets mass-produced, which compromises its quality and the difference is detectable that some aficionados dismissed it. It certainly does not pack punch like other strains but is still continued to be loved.

Why Blue Dream is popular amongst breeders?

Breeders rant about how easy it is to grow Blue Dream and enjoy a big yield. Indoor harvest of 2 pounds / 1000W light is standard. She is notoriously resistant to PM or powdery mildew. Blue Dream clones also root rapidly and consistently making it to be a dream strain for breeders to grow.

Other reason Blue Dream is popular among breeders is that she is a clone-only strain, which is not hoarded by a singular group. It is regarded as open sourced because cuttings are available easily. The best strain to make concentrates along with sandalwood incense scent and blueberry flavors.

Blue Dream experience

When visually inspecting the strain, you will see thick long hairs. Smell is rich with refined sugar-cookie odor. Frosty buds with sparkling trichomes make the overall appearance lighter in color. Vapor from strain is smooth and coats the whole mouth with sweet taste of blueberry, while exhaling. Strain has THC content ranging from 17% to 24%.

In the lab test, it was found that Blue Dream high includes interesting terpenes like caryophyllene, terpinolene, and myrcene. It works greatly in soothing anxiety, depression, and headaches as well as acts as bronchodilator. Elderly people also adore it because of its healing properties. Anecdotal evidence divulges that Blue Dream has helped with menstrual symptoms like cramping. Cerebral high, which is not very potent but uplifting enhances creativity and motivation. Inspirational seekers find this daytime strain classic.

Why the difference in effects?

Effects generated make you perform the whole days endless things get done much easily. However, one thing to bear in mind is that all cuts of Blue Dream are capable to make you feel energetic, happy, and soaring head-high. It will depend on the Phenotype, people may feel uplifting head high due to sativa dominance or full body melt because of Indica dominance. Just like people, all cannabis strains have their individual differences.