How to Begin Healing After Suffering Through A Sexual Trauma?

After having suffered from sexual abuse and harassment, you should quickly find a good treatment center to start healing as early as possible. Though the process of healing differs from one person to another, there are a few steps that would help you get the best healing to recover quickly.

Admit the Trauma

Before beginning with the treatment, the first thing that you need to do is to acknowledge the fact that you have got traumatized. Distancing, denial, and minimizing are very common signs that are shown by survivors of sexual trauma.  Naya Clinics is one of the best places to offer marriage counseling, life coaching and therapy, services at Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Columbus, in the USA

Though this task is hard to do, as you did not want it to happen. It can fill your heart with painful feelings. Several A male survivors struggle to admit sexual trauma, as we believe that only females can be victims.

Do not blame yourself for being traumatized

Sexual trauma survivors have a tendency to blame themselves for all that has happened to them. Media and society can play the role of a villain to blame the victim. All this can make you start blaming yourself for your actions, the way you dressed up, the words you spoke, or the situation that you have put yourself into. Though there can be several reasons for you to blame yourself, victims can never be at blame for the abuse.

Learn about the potential impacts

Sexual trauma is very difficult because not just you need to deal with this act on your own but also have to cope with the ongoing effects. This type of trauma can radically change your relationship to your body, your sex life and your relationships with people. You must know common type of response patterns that can be experienced by survivors. These are:

  • Getting scared when talked to, approached, or touched in a certain way
  • Feeling hypervigilant
  • Have a hard time to trust others
  • Afraid of losing control
  • Distancing or mentally absent during sex
  • A low sex-drive
  • Difficulty in reaching orgasm
  • Hating or disconnected from your body
  • Sexual pain conditions such as UTIs or vulvodynia

Recognize your triggers

Survivors of sexual abuse get triggered when they come across certain words or certain type of acts. It is advised to gather all the information regarding what triggers you. Learn about what acts, activities and words makes one feel uncomfortable, scared, nervous, or dissociated.

Make a goal to come out from the traumatic experience

To a sexual abuse survivor, it feels like such an abusive experience has taken their sex life completely away from them. They do not feel in control. It is the time to regain control of your sex life, overcome all the fears associated with the traumatic experience and feel good about yourself.

Start to take good care of your body and emotions. Indulge in activities that make you feel good and increase your self-esteem.  Slowly and gradually bad memories will start to fade and you will start living your life again.


Coming out of a sexual traumatic experience can be hard but not impossible. These are the important sequence of steps that one must take to address the problem effectively.