4 Types of Depression Treatment Facilities

Depression is a mental health condition that can be very difficult to deal with on your own. While there are a variety of things that can cause depression, all can result in negative lifestyle choices, from excessive eating to drug abuse or suicide. There is no shame in seeking help for depression and those that do have a higher quality of life. There are multiple types of facilities that are provided in the directory of state-licensed mental health facilities by the American Residential Treatment Association (ARTA). Here are four types so that you can choose the best depression treatment facilities for you.

Clinical Residential Treatment

A clinical residential treatment facility provides a home-like facility for the patient to attend. Each patient will be provided with daily psychiatric care and other therapeutic options as a way to get over their depression. A common therapeutic method offered at these facilities is support groups. This allows the patient to interact and share their story with others that are going through the same situation. Oftentimes, this allows the patient to find alternate ways to deal with their depression.

Group Home

A group home is a living situation where a number of people dealing with the same disorder live together. This allows the patient to perform daily activities, as they would at home, but within the confines of a treatment center. While living in a group home, patients will receive a variety of treatments and can even maintain part-time jobs off-site.

Work-Based Facility

While some treatment facilities focus on treating a disease, a work-based facility teaches the patients work and life skills that will allow them to be successful outside of the facility. Typically a community for long-term patients, they’ll still live with other patients that are dealing with the same condition, but the focus is less on treatment and more on education.

Apartment-Style Facility

The most independent type of treatment facility is an apartment-style facility. This will allow the patient to live in their own apartment or townhouse but still have mental health professionals nearby. This is a good option for those that feel as though they need help but still have the ability to live independently.

Those that are dealing with deep depression may require a treatment center to help them live a fulfilling life. Choosing from the best depression treatment facilities for their lifestyle will improve their chances for success, allowing them to eventually leave the facility and live happily and independently.