3 Ways to Prepare for Your Move to Washington

You’ve finally found the perfect house in Washington, and now, you are getting ready for your big move. You have a job lined up, and you are excited to hit the Pacific Northwest. There are just a few things that you have to take care of first.

If you are preparing for your move to Washington, check out these three things that you absolutely cannot forget to do.

 1. Transfer Utilities

Make sure you contact your realtor to learn about the utility companies in your area. While many companies are happy to change over service over the phone, there may be some that require deposits and applications that you have to fill out in person. Before you head to Washington, call around and ask to start service as soon as you close on your house or sign a lease on your apartment. This will ensure that your home is ready for you as soon as you step in the door.

 2. Find Doctors

Find doctors in your area that will take your insurance. If you are moving from out of state, you may have to switch over your insurance carrier to find the perfect doctor. In addition to your primary care physician, it is important to find eye doctors and dentists in your area. For example, if you are moving to Tacoma, find an eye doctor in Tacoma that will take your insurance. Some eye doctors are inexpensive enough to provide you services without insurance as well.

 3. Find Schools

If you have children that are school age, you should research the schools in your area. Some counties allow you to bring your child to any school in the area, so make sure you know exactly what you are in for and which schools are the best for your kids. If you want to be involved in your child’s learning, make sure you ask about PTA programs and school events that you can help with when you call the schools the first time.

You have your moving company set up, and now it is time to do all of the little things. To properly prepare for your move to Washington, make sure you transfer your utilities. Additionally, find a primary care physician, dentist, and eye doctor in Tacoma. Finally, make sure you find the perfect schools for your children.