3 Skills You Need to Be an Excellent Swim Instructor

When summer arrives, you might find yourself having extra time on your hands, and you might want to spend that time earning some extra money. If you are hesitant to spend your time indoors flipping burgers or running a cash register, consider a job that keeps you outside in the sunshine. Summer is a great time to find swim instructor jobs in Los Angeles. Teaching people to swim is fun and rewarding, but it takes certain skills to be really good at it. To be an excellent swim instructor, you need to be a fast thinker, a flexible team player and an enthusiastic fan of people.

Think Fast

Being a swim instructor is fun, but it is also a huge responsibility. As a swim instructor, you must have your lifeguard certification, and you may need the skills you learned in that course to save someone’s life. You must not only be able to recognize the signs of distress but also be able to respond in a timely manner in order to keep your customers safe. Swim instructors need first aid and CPR training as well as AED certification. They must be able to react quickly in an emergency to use that training effectively. Your quick thinking could be the difference between life and death for someone.

Be Flexible

Swim instructor jobs in Los Angeles can require a great deal of flexibility on your part. Because you will be working in the recreation industry, the hours for the job extend beyond the typical workday. As a swim instructor, you may teach classes during the day, but you will also probably be needed to work on the weekends, particularly if you are teaching some adult classes or if lifeguarding is also part of the job. Employers such as Happy Swimmers USA love team players, and keeping an open schedule so that you can fill in where you are needed the most is a good way to work well with others.

Love People

If you want to teach others to swim, it is helpful to be a people person.  Swim instructors must be able to exhibit patience, particularly when a student is scared or needs reassurance. Caring about people not only makes it easier for them to trust you but also makes your job more fun. Swim instructor jobs in Los Angeles often go to people with upbeat and positive attitudes. Providing your customers with enthusiastic service makes your whole team look good.

Fun in the Sun

Being a swim instructor is hard work, but it can also be enjoyable. If you are interested in teaching others to swim, you will need the necessary certifications, including lifeguard, first aid, CPR and AED training, because these courses teach you how to think fast in an emergency. A flexible schedule makes you an attractive candidate for swim instructor jobs, because it implies that you are willing to work when you are needed. Helping people learn to have fun and be safe in the water would be rewarding work for someone who loves people. If you possess these skills, you might be an excellent swim instructor.