3 Reasons to Use Natural Organic Skin Care Products

Maybe you’ve decided that your current skin care regimen isn’t working for you anymore, or you’re interested in the potential benefits of trying new products. Perhaps you’ve having common challenges such as dry skin, acne, dark under eye circles or discoloration. Your skin might be sensitive, and you haven’t had much luck finding a product line that isn’t irritating or provoking an allergic reaction. However, switching to natural organic skin care products could solve these typical problems and more. Here’s three reasons why you should consider swapping your current regimen out for an all-natural, organic daily solution.

Your Skin Won’t Suffer Irritation

 Human skin is just as diverse as its owners, and different people exhibit sensitivities to different substances. If you experience redness, irritation or breakouts, an ingredient in your skin care products might be to blame. Chemicals, artificial colors and fillers are the common culprits. For example, many common cleansers aimed at treating acne contain benzoyl peroxide, which can cause itching, irritation and rashes for some users. Natural organic skin care products avoid such side effects by including only natural plant extracts and oils blended to treat your concerns effectively without discomfort.

They Smell Better

 Let’s face it: Many skin care remedies can exude strange odors. Often, the manufacturers will include additional chemicals to mask their smells. What happens when you blend too many of these together? Consider Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a chronic condition experienced by many individuals. While not yet recognized by many medical practitioners and governing bodies, it is a very real problem that causes its sufferers headaches, nausea and other symptoms. Even for people without MCS can benefit from natural organic skin care products, as the smells of their natural ingredients can provide an unexpected lift to your mood.

They’re Better for the Environment

 If the chemicals found in standard beauty products can cause irritation and physical side effects, imagine what they’re probably doing to our ecosystem. Consider that these synthetics are rinsed off people’s skins and the end of the day, and how they might affect your local water supply. Additionally, their manufacturing processes may release unwanted byproducts into the air and water. In contrast, natural organic skin care products avoid these problems by only using ingredients that can be obtained from plants or other natural sources.

Finding New Products

 If you need to reconstruct your skin care regiment, it’s helpful to understand what products you’ll need to by to replace your old standbys. At a bare minimum, most individuals will need a cleanser and moisturizer. However, most benefit from adding an exfoliant, as well as under eye and anti-aging products to target specific concerns. Additionally, a mask treatment can draw out toxins, clear your pores and remove dead skin cells to promote a more radiant look.

By now, you might be convinced that you need to seek out the best all natural skin care products. The avoidance of ingredients that irritate your skin, smell bad and pollute our ecosystem are probably all incentives to find or a new regimen. Swapping out your old products for natural organic skin care products can help you do this. You’ll enjoy the benefits of clean, radiant looking skin while doing yourself and the environment a lot of good.